A heart-wrenching moment: a dying dog says an emotional final goodbye to his owner just before being put down, leaving us with a reminder of the deep and irreplaceable bond between dogs and their human companions.

A dog owner decided to put her 13-year-old dog down to end his suffering as he’d been diagnosed with extreme heart failure. Rachel March took the dog to be euthanized, but before that she gave him one last hug, which will never be forgotten!

The cocker spaniel, Bowie, had a life full of love and care. But unfortunately, his life started getting worse immediately after being diagnosed with heart failure. He was barely able to walk by himself, so, Rachel decided to put his suffering to an end by taking him to be euthanized.

Before being euthanized, the dog gave Rachel one last hug, which she will never forget! He licked her face to comfort her and let her know he understood what was happening. The moment was taken on a camera and shared on TikTok.

The video went viral directly, and many people showed their sympathy to Rachel and Bowie. Watch the video below.


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