A heartwarming scene: a Shiba Inu gets stuck in a bush, but keeps smiling as if nothing happened, stealing hearts and showcasing the unwavering resilience and positivity of our furry friends.

Remember those moments when you realize you have just gotten yourself into trouble? Embarrassment, guilt or any other negative emotion which could result from this are far from this Shiba Inu dog’s reaction. Stuck in a bush, he puts on a brave face and just smiles at fate, refusing to feel discouraged.

apanese Twitter user, @yamamochi223, happened to be there on 17 Aug and took some photos to share with the world. Even though they have been taken down, you will definitely keep a nice memory of the cute dog’s face.

After all, we can have fun and learn something new from any experience, right?

“Oh, no. Quick. Put on a smile, yeah, big smile. Hey, how are you? Such a lovely day…”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m holding on. I’ll be fine.”


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