A heartwarming story of a Golden Retriever Grandpa and his kittens

Bailey, the Golden Retriever, loves kittens! And it is easy to see that the kittens love Bailey as well. This video has over 1.8 million views already! And over 20,000 likes. I may have contributed several views to that number and given it a thumbs-up myself because I just couldn’t stop watching how cute they are!

In the video, the kittens look around eight to ten weeks old. One is a calico, two have gray spots with black stripes on their backs, while the fourth is white with large orange spots. Bailey, who just turned five this year, looks like he is loving every minute of it!

I find it so adorable that Bailey is letting these tiny terrors climb all over him while he lays there and pretends not to notice. These kittens are very playful, one even more so than the others. I would name that one Rascal. He seems like the troublemaker of the bunch.

If you need a pick-me-up or want to see some cute kittens and an adorable golden retriever, click on the video below and watch it over and over again as I did. Be sure to share it with all your friends so they can enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling as well.


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