A puppy crawled through a construction site, hoping for someone to come to his aid.

A construction worker came upon a small wounded puppy, maybe two or three months old, that required emergency assistance. When the brave worker approached, the small boy was roaming around the construction site, trying to locate someone who might assist him.

At lunchtime, the worker picked up the young child and drove him to the Chicago Animal Care and Control animal shelter.

Then volunteers from Chicago’s One Tail At A Time animal rescue group decided to take him to the vet for a checkup.

They conducted a more complete examination of him and did the appropriate tests to discover what sickness or accident had caused his injuries. Because of a horrible skin ailment that caused his legs to enlarge and his skin to become red, the puppy was dubbed “Parmesan Crisp.”

His skin wounds appeared to be raw, he appeared to be in terrible condition, and he appeared to be asleep. Parmesan Crisp suffers from juvenile cellulite, an autoimmune disorder with which he is being treated.

The dog is being treated with veterinarian-prescribed drugs, a good food, and rest to restore strength.

Heather Owen, a co-founder of the rescue facility, told IlovemyDog: “When all of these ingredients are mixed, the condition should resolve itself and your skin should heal over time.”


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