A Puppy’s Cry For Help Answered By Hardworking Rescuers

Animals navigate the world differently, but they could also get into accidents. Since living close to civilization, they are often trapped in places that aren’t familiar to them. It’s even more dangerous for young animals who are gratifying their curiosity alone. Their mini-adventures can familiarize or amaze them with their surroundings, but they can also be dangerous. Without parental supervision, it’ll be difficult for them to get help, mainly in secluded areas. The animal is lucky enough if a passerby hears their cry for help. They are most fortunate if the person is concerned and is prepared to save the animal on their own or with the help of a nearby animal rescue center.

The animals frequently found by humans trapped close to their neighborhood are puppies and kittens. Thankfully, they know how to call for help. Those tiny cries for help will alarm you, and you’ll end up following their call to see the situation. A puppy in a well in India was rescued by making his presence known through the tiniest cries. Animal rescuers were needed for the rescue operation since the well was narrow and deep.

The poor puppy was stuck in a small space with water surrounding him. It wouldn’t drown him, but the puppy’s situation risked his survival since being in water for prolonged periods of time can cause hypothermia. Rescuers utilized ropes to reach for the dog, which they successfully did. It was shaking due to being soaked in water for a long time and overwhelming anxiety. The puppy was dried with a warm towel and placed close to a bonfire. The Free Paws Team ensured that he was already calmed down and fine before returning to his mom.

Besides the puppy from India, worrisome cries for help were also heard in an underground cave in Florida. The rescue operation was supervised by Florida Trailblazer’s Joe Dunn, who explained the mission. Inside the forest, a young canine called for help with barks and whimpers. Joe shouted to announce his presence — to assure the dog that help would come soon. Turns out, the young animal was also trapped in a well that was inside a cave. In contrast to the puppy from India, the dog in Florida had enough space to move around. However, if left unattended, the poor dog might not survive.

“I don’t want to leave the animal there, but the storm’s coming in, and it’s getting later in the day. We’ll see what happens,” Joe explained. “I tried to slide this tree down there, this log, in hopes that the dog could climb out that way. But she couldn’t get up there.” He also attended to the dog’s needs by sharing his packed food. Joe never gave up on his mission and called for the nearest help. A few people came with him, and they carried tools to execute the rescue mission safely. They created a system to rappel down to where the dog was trapped, and one of them went down into the cavern. According to the guy who helped Joe, the dog was happy with their arrival and was healthy with no injuries.

As soon as the puppy was taken out of the cave, they checked for information that might help her return home. Thankfully, she had a collar with her owner’s details. The dog’s happiness was pretty apparent, because she kept wagging her tail and ate food with gusto. “She’s been down there for who knows how long. No food or water,” Joe shared. Then it was revealed that the poor puppy went missing for three weeks! That explained why she was skinny when Joe and the others rescued her. That same day, they gave her back to her human dad — finally in the comforts of home. Rescue teams certainly do work hard for the safety of animals. You’ll likely applaud them just like we did after watching both rescue missions in the video below.


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