A Second Chance at Love: Heartwarming Story of a Lonely Mama Dog Finding a New Home

Animals and humans help each other by providing one another with comfort and companionship. It is incredible how much you can turn an animal’s life around by showing them kindness. Sheba, the dog, was lonely and sad. She had puppies but was left in the shelter. She was most likely used for breeding purposes, and her human failed her.

Sarah adopted Sheba and had an instant connection with her. Perhaps they both sensed each other’s loneliness. Sheba immediately wanted affection from this woman, and she let her know it! She gave her belly rubs and lots of pets. The woman adopted her right away. Sheba is like a happy baby and a Velcro dog.

The two of them fill each other’s lives with hope and love. It is incredible the bond that is shared between humans and animals. You can see all over Sheba’s face how much she enjoys her life with Sarah, now that she has been adopted. Sheba helped the woman overcome her depression. They sleep together and love to cuddle up with one another. Sheba motivates her to go outside and experience the world.

Sheba is extremely adorable with her little floppy ears, and she is also very loving. However, she does have her little moods. It is normal, but the two can lift each other up. Whenever Sheba wants treats, she has to show a flash of her puppy dog’s eyes, and the woman is in love. The two of them are furever enmeshed.


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