A stray dog chooses to follow a woman home at the perfect time, creating a heartwarming connection between them

Walking on the sidewalk near her, Karen couldn’t help but notice someone was following her.

A nervous German Shepherd has been walking on the pavement behind, clearly interested, but at a discreet distance.

“I’m not afraid of her followers,” Karen, who asked not to use her last name, told Dodo. “At first, I tried to get her to come to me, but she was too scared. I sat on the side of the road and waited.”

Karen was concerned that the dog might have been abandoned because of her breed, and she immediately felt connected to her. She can’t leave her alone.

She learned that the stray puppy had been spotted in the area several times, but no one had been able to gain her trust.

“Everyone was trying to catch her – Humane Society, Neighborhood and Safety,” Karen said.

For some reason, the timid dog feels safer around Karen. After some patience and coaxing, the puppy asked Karen to take her home.

“I was the first person she allowed to get close enough,” Karen said. “I’m really surprised how these things happen.”

The pairing seems to be fate. After losing her beloved golden retriever Lola in 2019, Karen has been thinking about getting another dog but is still hesitant. She had no idea that her new best friend would actually come into her life. She fell in love quickly and named the dog Nora.

“Nala followed me and allayed my fears [of] There’s finally a dog,” Karen said. “Sometimes you get into a situation where you don’t think you’re ready and fate steps in and says, ‘Well, yes, you’re ready. ‘”

Karen made a video documenting her experience and it quickly went viral. You can watch it here:

“I’m amazed that my scroll has touched so many people, but glad people care about the rescue! ” Karen said.

Karen shares what she thinks is the whole story, but Nora is hiding another surprise.

When Nora started showing signs of bloating and sickness, Karen worried that something was wrong. She went to the veterinarian for expert advice.

It soon became clear – Nora wasn’t sick, she was pregnant.

Within days, Nora gave birth to eight healthy puppies.

“Nala is the best mom ever!” Karen said. “I’m still shocked and happy!”

Veterinarians suspect Karen found Nora when she was four weeks old, but as she hadn’t eaten much, Nora showed no obvious signs of pregnancy. It wasn’t until Karen started feeding Nora regularly that it became clear.

“These happening moments can take you to places you never dreamed of,” Karen said.

Karen couldn’t have foreseen that Nora would take her down this crazy road when they met by chance on a walk that day – but she wouldn’t trade her experience or her new dog for the world.

“All I can do now is make sure she’s always safe and happy,” Karen said. “I saved her and she saved me.”


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