As Her Turn On The Kill-List Drew Closer, “Ugly” Dog Believed Her Time Was Up

Aimee the Pit Bull was just six months old when she came at Carson Animal Care Center in California. She’d obviously been ignored to some degree. Her damaged skin was peeling off in parts, and she seemed to be in considerable discomfort.

Aimee was hailed by the shelter employees as one of the “friendliest” dogs they had ever encountered. The other fearful animals’ loud, worried barks, on the other hand, plainly prompted Aimee’s alarm. Even after receiving therapy for her skin issue, Aimee grew to feel that a “ugly” dog like her would never be adopted.

As Aimee’s time on the death list neared, the staff worked harder to improve her chances of adoption. They covered her in a colorful blanket and shot her for future social media usage. People noticed Aimee’s downcast and melancholy countenance despite the bright surroundings, and the photo soon circulated.

Aimee was adopted by a family that met her when she was at the shelter! Her new family has given her the name Phoenix, which means “new beginning.” As she leaves the shelter and proceeds to her new home, Phoenix looks to be the happiest female in the facility’s freedom run video.

You should watch the video below for the wonderful conclusion. Keep watching till the conclusion, and have fun!

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