Cedric the Chihuahua’s Joyful Bathtime Adventure.

There is no denying that Cedric the chihuahua is adorable. He is the cutest doggie ever, especially when he is taking his bath. You have got to see Cedric taking a bath! He enjoys it, and it is soothing and relaxing to him. Cedric loves to get rubbed with shampoo and behaves in the tub beautifully. You will wish you had a little chihuahua like Cedric when you see this.

Those big cute eyes and sweet expressions will melt your heart. He looks so precious when wet and water is dripping from his fur! The close-up of his loveable, snuggle face at 1:42 is priceless! Such a good boy in the bathtub!

He likes to get up on the soft bed and get cozy afterward. Some dogs get all sleepy after their bathtime, and Cedric is one of them! Cedric makes bath time so much fun and likes to roll all over the bed to dry off!

Cedric getting dried off in the towel is so cute too! He gives fist bumps to his daddy, who is proud of him for being such a good boy, and his eyes are barely open as he starts to drift off into dreamland. He looks like a tired little angel, so precious!

Watch this video if you need a prescription for extreme cuteness because happiness is a cute chihuahua enjoying his bath. If you want a good day with a side order of supreme cuteness, watch this awesome video with Cedric, the little chihuahua!


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