Despite not scoring, Haaland manages to leave his mark in Premier League history.

This season, Hɑɑlɑnd has been involved in 44 of his Premier League goals. In history, no player has done better than the Man City striker.

In the 25th minute, Man City organized a quick counterattack. Erling Hɑɑlɑnd escaped down the right wing before passing the ball over to Phil Foden to open the scoring.

Including this assist, Hɑɑlɑnd has been involved in 44 of his Premier League goals this season (36 goals, eight assists), equaling Thierry Henry’s record of a 38-match season in 2002/03 (24). goals, 20 assists). Hɑɑlɑnd would have broken the record of “Titi” had it not been for the VAR to deny a goal in the 72nd minute.

However, the striker born in 2000 still has a match that cannot overcome Thierry Henry. Round 38, Man City will end the season with a match against Brentford away.

After the match, coach Pep Guardiola was still satisfied with the student’s performance: “We have proven why Man City is the strongest team in England. I am worried about the condition of the players. Only 40 hours ago , they drank all the alcohol in Manchester but still played well against Brighton.”

Regarding the situation where Hɑɑlɑnd was denied a goal, the Spaniard said: “If it was a tackle, perhaps Hɑɑlɑnd could just stand still in the 11m area to not be penalized. This further proves that success is successful. Our strength this season comes from our strength. Man City doesn’t have to rely on anyone.”

Meanwhile, the Brighton coach, Roberто De Zerbi, paid his respects to Pep: “I became a coach because of Pep. I have studied Pep’s way of working very carefully. He is the inspiration for Pep. I.”


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