Every day, a dog sits outside his mother’s store and greets customers by shaking their hands.

Taking your dog to work with you can be great for company, especially when he wants to shake paws with every possible customer walking by. At least, that’s what Conny Steyaert learned after simply a couple of days of bringing her 8-year-old English bulldog, Nelson, to work with her.

Steyaert, who works as a ladies’ clothing vendor in outside markets and street celebrations in Belgium, began bringing Nelson along with her to keep his anxiety away when he was just a pup.

[He’s] a very sensitive canine,” Steyaert Said.” [He] is a mellow and very cool dog at home, but he does not such as to be left alone.”

” He is happiest [when] outdoors,” she added.

Rather than leaving him at home during the day, Steyaert chose to set Nelson up with his very own blanket in front of her stand while she worked. There, he could sit comfortably and take in his surroundings.

It really did not take long for Nelson to learn that sitting patiently on this spot would certainly get the attention of shoppers walking by. “What touches me one of the most is when he lifts his paw to [shake] with individuals,” Steyaert claimed. “He knows just how to steal their hearts.”

And steal their hearts, he does daily– much more so than Steyaert ever before expected.

” I was surprised [by] what a good, loving and cool canine Nelson was with people at work,” Steyaert claimed. “But I was extra amazed by the behavior from people. I never ever thought pedestrians would certainly pet a complete stranger’s dog so often.”


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