Faithful Dog Waits With His Little Girl For The Bus Daily To Make Sure She Is Safe

Cute video of a small white puppy accompanying a child to the bus stop in China have gone viral, capturing the attention of many who can’t think the wonderful bond that has developed between the two.

This dog walks the girl to the school bus quit every morning and ensures she gets into the bus securely.

When the afternoon arrives, he also travels to the location to pick her up, and they both cheerfully stroll home.

The photos show a very happy dog wagging his tail as quickly as he notices the yellow school bus approaching.

After the girl’s mother picked to upload the recordings on China’s Douyin website, he came to be an Internet celebrity.

In the first video, the canine is clearly pleased to see the bus show up; later on, a teacher is seen stepping off the bus to assist the girl in boarding, while the canine cheerfully walks about both.

In another video, the dog can be seen glancing at the little girl as she boards the bus and after that watching it leave the station.

The mother of the girl, who calls herself ‘Yu Xi Ma Ma’ in Douyin, claims that the dog does this everyday and that she selected to share this gesture of loyalty and protection with the rest of the world.


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