Golden Retriever’s Joy Over New Puppy Pal is Contagious in Heartwarming Video

If you love cuteness, you need to watch this video. A Golden Retriever named Bailey meets a golden retriever puppy named Mia for the first time. Bailey sniffs around Mia, and they examine each other when she is brought out of her basket. The big dog is super excited and playfully jumps onto the couch with the puppy.

Bailey is curious, and Mia starts yelping adorably. The two goldies circle each other. Bailey wants to play, and Mia seems unsure but goes with it. Bailey’s tail wags enthusiastically, and he is breathing heavily. Mia appears to be confused about what this large creature that resembles her is trying to do. Bailey jumps down from the couch and gets up close to Mia, and she responds by yelping.

Both goldies are so adorable. It will warm your heart to watch the two getting to know each other. Bailey is so happy to have a sibling, and Mia is pure joy. The two of them are the sweetest pups ever! Bailey is like a little kid wanting to play a game with her new playmate.

The large dog may be jealous and excited, as there is someone else for mom to love. The two of them are about to become best buddies and close siblings. Despite the initial possessiveness, Bailey already loves the puppy, and it shows! Bailey now has an adorable little version of himself, and the family is complete. No doubt, the three of them will be playing catch and other fun games together very soon!


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