Heart-Melting Cuteness: Inseparable English Mastiff Twins Bring Double the Charm.

You will love watching this video if you love big dogs, like English Mastiffs! Ziva is an English Mastiff who has just given birth to two adorable English Mastiff puppies. Olive and Dot are the little ones’ names. The twins are happy to be together, and they become best friends. Their roommate, Suzy, is a playful adolescent Bull terrier.

Olive starts to experience personal space, and she discovers it is divine, but Dot loves her sister very much, and she is not happy about Olive’s newfound independence and lets her know it. Dot throws a hissy fit, and Olive looks very relaxed, content with her free and easy life on the other side of the blanket. Dot smells her sister, even though she seems so far away. Finally, Olive gives in and gets closer to her sister.

They spend much time together, but Olive wants some time to herself. One morning when Olive wakes up before Dot, she sees an opportunity to go solo, and she walks away from Dot. Dot wakes up, realizes her twin is missing, and searches for her. Olive needs help to get a break. The two pups are outside, and Olive gets away. She loves it until she hears the thunder coming.

Dot finds Olive, and Olive is relieved. The two of them go back home. Dot and Olive get home and find Suzy and Ziva waiting for them. Olive finally understands how wonderful it is to have her family and knows she will never have to face rainy days alone. Watch this video to experience the loving warmth of a bonded canine family.


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