Heart-Wrenching Suffering: Pet Dog Endures Agonizing Thorn Infestation in Its Mouth

Thor, a dog from Sao Paulo, Brazil, was found with hundreds of quills piercing his body, causing distress to his owner, Adriano Bertoline. The golden brown dog’s muzzle, forehead, nose, ears, and legs were covered in yellow quills, as seen in the pictures that circulated online.

Adriano, who was currently unemployed, turned to social media in a desperate attempt to seek help when he couldn’t afford the veterinary bill. His plea caught the attention of a local councillor named Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, who decided to step in and provide assistance.

The three-year-old Thor had encountered a porcupine for the second time in a year, resulting in severe injuries from the quills. Adriano’s online appeal aimed to find a clinic or veterinarian who could help treat his beloved dog, despite his financial constraints.

Posting on Twitter, Adriano wrote, “Good morning, folks… I woke up this morning to discover my dog in this condition… Is there a clinic or veterinarian that can help him? I’m afraid I can’t pay.”

Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, described as an angel in Thor’s life by Adriano, saw the plea and decided to intervene. The councillor took Thor to a clinic, covered the expenses, and ensured the dog received the necessary care before returning him home.

This wasn’t the first time Thor had encountered a porcupine. According to Adriano, in February 2021, a friend who worked at a private veterinary clinic had assisted in treating Thor’s injuries from a previous encounter.

The fate of the porcupine after the attack by the dog remained unknown, leaving questions as to whether it had survived or sustained any injuries. Thor’s story serves as a reminder of the compassion and kindness that can arise in the face of adversity, as individuals like Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari extend their support to those in need, regardless of financial limitations.


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