Heartwarming Rescue: Kind-Hearted Woman Saves Elderly and Blind Arctic Fox Abandoned in Dog Shelter

The Arctic fox, a fascinating creature found throughout the Arctic region, captivates the imagination of many. While they are abundant in the wild and their population remains stable, the desire to have an Arctic fox as a pet is not uncommon. However, owning a fox is restricted to only 15 states, as foxes are considered undomesticated predators and challenging to care for.

Meet Archie, an elderly blind Arctic fox who found himself abandoned in a dog shelter in Colorado at the age of eight. It was unclear whether his previous owners couldn’t provide proper care or simply no longer wanted him. From there, Archie embarked on a journey that led him to the Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue, a rescue organization with a two-fold mission.

The first part involves providing a permanent home for captive-bred and non-releasable foxes, like Archie. The second part focuses on wildlife rehabilitation for native New York species, with the ultimate goal of reintroducing them into their natural habitat.

When Archie arrived at the rescue, he was incredibly shy. However, over time, he broke out of his shell and began to trust the founder of the rescue, Kimberly DeFisher. Archie, despite his blindness, understands commands like “touch” as “treat” and allows Kimberly to touch him. He navigates his surroundings with a few bumps but understands his limitations.

Archie has also found companionship with another fox named Lulu. They occasionally have playdates with another fox pair, Tundra and Cleo, at the shelter. Kimberly’s dedication to giving Archie the best life possible stems from her belief that every animal deserves happiness and love.

Archie’s story has touched the hearts of over a million viewers, who express their admiration for his resilience and the care he receives. It serves as a reminder that age should never be a barrier to providing love and care for animals, and that every life is worthy of compassion.

Kimberly emphasizes that many animals under her care lack the instincts necessary for survival in the wild. They rely on humans for protection and sustenance. As Archie approaches the typical lifespan of an Arctic fox, Kimberly is committed to ensuring that his remaining years are filled with joy and contentment.

The heartwarming video of Archie has sparked a renewed appreciation for the incredible creatures we share our homes with. Many viewers have expressed gratitude for the rescue’s dedication and called for a reconsideration of acquiring foxes as pets, highlighting the importance of providing a loving home for animals already in shelters.

Archie’s story is a testament to the profound bond that can be formed between humans and animals, regardless of their unique circumstances. As you watch the video of Archie, please share it with your family and friends to spread awareness of the love and care that animals like him deserve.


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