In Arizona, brave dog rescues owner from a rattlesnake

We have heard a lot of wonderful stories about how the man’s best friend came to their rescue when they were in risky conditions.

This is yet another example of a canine friend who fought off a rattlesnake in order to rescue his human owner, despite sustaining a terrible bite in the process, and was later honored as a hero for his courage.

When Paula Goodwin and her golden retriever, Todd, were out hiking in Anthem, Arizona, they came across a hazardous rattlesnake. The rattlesnake may have killed any of them.

The rattlesnake is regarded for being one of the most deadly snakes in the world and has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people all over the globe.

When Paula was ready to put foot unwittingly on the rattlesnake, Todd noticed the snake and instantly moved in front of her leg to prevent her from doing so.

He was successful in his attempts to rescue Paula, but as a consequence of his courage, he sustained a severe bite on his face, which caused his face to swell tremendously.

Paula published numerous images of Todd on her Facebook page with the comment that she believes him to be both a hero and a lifesaver.

Paula wasted no time in transporting Todd to the Anthem Animal Hospital, where he was checked and treated for his injuries. He is projected to make a full recovery. His photographs, in which he can be seen smiling cheerfully in spite of the injury, have gone viral on social media, and his newly gained followers are showering praise on him for the courageous efforts he did to save the life of her owner.

It is a well-known truth that dogs do not depend on obtaining anything in return for the service they offer to their human owners. They only want to be loved by someone.

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