Left alone and ill, a dog gave birth in a remote location and went hungry with her puppies for several weeks.

A phone call about a mama dog and her pups dying in a remote field came to the Dog Rescue Shelter of Mladenovac, Serbia. When the employee arrived, he realized that finding the pups would be difficult because the field was just too big. But then he spotted an abandoned warehouse, and his instincts urged him to look there.

The man discovered a diseased mother dog and her sickly pups in one corner of the warehouse, which was filled with discarded sand and cement bags. It was clear that the furry family had been abandoned there and had gone without food or water for days. The 2-year-old mama dog’s limbs began to shake as she watched the rescuer approach. She’d done all she could to keep her puppies alive for more than a month, but her health had worsened over time, making it impossible for her to do so.

The man discovered that both the mother dog and her pups were suffering from severe illnesses caused by demodectic mange. The rescuer took them to the shelter, gave them therapeutic baths to eliminate the parasites, and then rehomed them. They will stay at the shelter for rehabilitation and, after they have recovered their health, be offered for adoption. UPDATE: ALL pups have been adopted and found forever homes

It’s sad to see that this poor mama dog and her puppies suffered so much pain and injustice solely because of their heartless owner. UPDATE: ALL pups have been adopted and found forever homes

You’re going to LOVE the beautiful video below and WATCH until the end when you see the little ones running around. Oh. My Gosh!


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