Lessons in Love, Loyalty, and Life: Raising a German Shepherd

Who requires an alarm clock when you have a German Shepherd to wake you up every morning? The German Shepherd puppy Tiger wakes his human mom every morning at 6 am. Tiger and Leo, the golden retriever, are punctual and make sure their momma gets right out of bed when she is supposed to.

Little Tiger is so cute bringing toys in to get his mom to play. Tiger and Leo are just so eager to start the day. The two pups get onto the bed and climb all over her. They are enthusiastic and energetic, trying to get mom as motivated as they are. Mom sits down to her breakfast, and the dogs are right behind her, watching.

Mom tries to keep her routine as she gets out her mat to work out. Tiger and Leo ever so cutely interrupt her and try to get to her for some cuddles and attention. Poor Mom cannot resist them; she loves her pups and stops her workout to indulge them. Later, when mom comes home from being out, Tiger and Leo are excited to see her.

The two pups adorably greet her. Everyone knows this is one of the best parts of having a dog: they are always so happy to see you when you get home. It does not matter how long she is gone, Tiger and Leo are thrilled their momma is home! So sweet to see them cheerfully wag their tails and smile when they see her.

The best part is seeing these pups go out and about. They love their car rides with mom! No matter what she is doing, the pups are always there, ready to play. Life is so much better with not one but two adorable pooches to share it with!


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