Lionel Messi’s Tribute: ‘Barça Tattoo on My Leg Represents My Club, the Making of Who I Am

For obvious reasons, Lionel Messi’s name is currently frequently mentioned in sports news. His recent success in winning the Laureus Award is one of the main causes. On behalf of his native Argentina, the player accepted the World Sportsman and World’s Best Team of the Year trophies.

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The 35-year-old’s declared trip to Saudi Arabia, which resulted in his suspension by PSG, put him on the radar as well. He appeared to have had a great trip because he got to spend time with his family. But the videos of him having a good time on his vacation that went viral online created quite a stir.

When supporters noticed his new FC Barcelona tattoo, chatter about it on the soccer scene went viral. Although other people have their own theories, there is another underlying cause.

The true story behind Lionel Messi’s FC Barcelona tattoo

The moment the soccer world saw Lionel Messi’s new tattoo, it was all over. The FC Barcelona crest was recently inscribed on the Argentine’s left leg. This gave rise to speculation about a potential comeback to the Catalan side. He has a valid reason for his tattoo, though.

The number 10, a soccer ball, and the Argentina shield are all tattooed on Messi. The Barcelona tattoo he had been planning for the previous two years was finally completed. But internet users swiftly confirmed their speculations over his potential return to the La Liga team. This is untrue, though, as he had been having his tattoo in sections. All the sections were added, with the exception of the Barcelona one, which he timed perfectly.

Therefore, his most recent tattoo doesn’t signal his return to Nou Camp in a discreet way. Instead, it’s a motion that the assailant made in reference to his boyhood hangout. Simply said, the Argentine captain’s lack of socks and shorts has rarely been witnessed by the supporters. Fans started to notice his leg as a result.

Maybe now, the rumors that he’s going back to Barcelona will just go away. Even still, Al Hilal is eager to sign the PSG player, so the rumors haven’t entirely ceased. They have actually written a terrifying contract.

Messi is offered a massive contract by Al Hilal.

After the meaning of his tattoo has been revealed, his Barcelona-related rumors might not go away. Although Xavi may be keen to bring his all-time great back, Messi has been offered a substantial deal by Al Hilal, a Saudi Arabian company. The renowned soccer player has been the target of interest for the Middle Eastern club.

The 35-year-old has received an incredible €400 million annual offer from the Saudi Pro League team. With this, he would surpass his erstwhile adversary, Cristiano Ronaldo, who makes half of what he has been given, to become the highest paid player in soccer history.

Although this is a wonderful deal financially, signing it would mean giving up the comforts of European competition. Neither party has made any statements. Furthermore, there has been no news on Messi’s future at PSG, thus it is unclear where he will play come season. How do you feel about Messi’s body art? Do you believe it suggests a possible trip back to Camp Nou?


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