Man carries his paraplegic puppy in his arms to enjoy the rain: “He still loves it”

“I will take care of you till the end, my furry boy,” said Agea Santos, who will always be there for his furry companion, Alvin, who had a stroke and can no longer stand up as before.

Taking care of a pet is a huge duty, much like raising a kid, because it is a live being that will be fully reliant on the attention of its human father. That is why, when you have a furry buddy at home, it is crucial to recognize that there will be good times and terrible times, but the most important thing is to constantly be near him.

As a result, skilled pet carers will do all necessary to ensure that their companion loves life even when his body no longer responds as it once did. That’s what Agea Santos of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, does after her puppy has a stroke and she concerns about continuing to live her usual life.

His dog, Alvin, enjoyed running in the rain and playing with the water. Despite the fact that he can no longer walk and has difficulties standing, Santos holds him in his arms so that the fuzzy may still enjoy the water pouring on him.

This can be seen in a video he posted on his Instagram account, where you can see the moment when the canine falls to the ground while walking, but his owner instantly approaches him, takes him in his arms, and pulls him up so he can experience the rain.


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