Millions of viewers are charmed by husky’s sweet hug with his slumbering baby sister

When a human kid called Daisy was born, the Husky, Millie, has been there for her. They’re now best friends. Daisy loves the dog, who is so protective of her, very much. She just wants to spend her day with him.

aisy is not intimated from Millie’s huge size. The baby starts smiling and getting very happy when she sees her dog. She even allows him to snuggle next to her. They sleep together all the time!

Dogs can create great connections and bonds with kids and babies they spend a long time with, according to the American Kennel Club.

They also added that if you have a child, having a dog would be a great option. The relationship between Daisy and Millie is a perfect example that dogs are very important in kids’ life. Watch the video below.

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