Miracle Dog’s Adoption Inspires Family’s Unity in the Fight Against Cancer

Ozzie’s life started out like any other pup, a loving family, going on hikes, going to the beach, and running around all day with the zoomies. Until one day, Ozzie was taken to the vet in September for limping. After getting x-rays the doctor comes in to deliver the bad news.

Ozzie has Osteosarcoma. A tumor was found in his front leg, and they had a difficult decision to make. They decided to go with the option that provided the longest life for Ozzie. They amputated his leg and started chemotherapy. This option gave him a life expectancy of nine to twelve months.

After the surgery, Ozzie was in great spirits. He even ate someone’s peanut butter toast at the vet. A month after the surgery, they started the chemo. Five rounds needed to be done. On chemo day, Ozzie would be tired and not want to do much, but the next day he would be a new puppy and want to hike and play all day!

He loved to hike but would get tired quickly due to all the stress on one leg in the front. Some friends got together and got Ozzie’s mom an awesome carrier so he could join them on hikes in the woods without getting tired.

In 2016 Ozzie’s grandpa was diagnosed with cancer and they feel like they have a close bond now that they have both been going through chemo. Ozzie is loving and living life at its fullest and it’s because of his brave parents who chose the best option for him.


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