One Year Chained: The Emotional Journey of a Dog’s Resilience.

You will love this one if you like survivor stories filled with hope and inspiration. Harvey, the dog, had a rough start in life, but he hit the jackpot with his actual family, who loves and cares for him. Before that, Harvey lived with a cruel, uncaring family. Harvey had terrible separation anxiety and was chained outside because they thought that was the right way for him to learn to deal with it.

He was living in someone’s backyard for a very long time. He was just a puppy and was taken to the pound until a kind person decided to save and give him the life he so richly deserved.

Harvey lives in Oregon now with his new family and gets to go on adventures and spends his days having fun with his parents. He gets to go out in the snow and play and explore. Harvey lives near the river, and he loves to swim. At first, he had extreme separation anxiety, but he learned to trust that they would come home at the end of the day.

Harvey now has a younger doggie brother whom he likes to play with. He is emotionally in tune with his mom, and he gets all the love, care, and compassion he needs. He reciprocates and brings comfort and joy to his family. Harvey has such a wonderful, million-dollar smile; seeing how happy and well-adjusted he is truly remarkable.

This is a total feel-good video. There is no way you can watch this without being happy. You may even shed a tear or two of happiness. Watch this video to feel lifted and to make your heart light.


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