Puppy Love: Golden Retriever Puppy and Her Siblings Steal Hearts in Latest Video

A golden retriever puppy has gone through the night without peeing in her crate. Now, it is time for her to go outside. Her human dad is explaining how she is so good for making it through the night without having an accident. She starts to go potty outside like a good golden girl. After going potty, the puppy is exuberant and starts to play with her mother.

Another dog comes and joins in the fun. Someone comes over and brings the puppy a new bed, and the pup is so happy she starts to jump. He also brings a special Valentine’s Day toy for each dog. The mother pup seems excited about the bed. Mom pup and her little one bond over the toys and start to play.

After playtime, the puppy passes out like a little princess on her new pink bed. Later, the pups are back to playing fetch. The puppy is seen outside eating dirt. Then, she begins rolling in the dirt. The puppy’s dad returns to the hair salon sporting a new do. The dogs are playing in the yard again.

The puppy starts sniffing around the flowers. Her dad tells her to get away from them. Later, the pups are inside the house, and the puppy gets ready to practice training with treats. The puppy sits and gets a treat. The puppy drops the treat from her mouth and looks incredibly cute, attempting to chew. Yet another pup is in the kitchen playing with their dad.

It is bedtime, and the puppy is in her crate, ready for dreamland. Mama pup is walking around the bedroom with her stuffed toy. The proud dog daddy ends his day by explaining how happy he is to be surrounded by his canine kids as he sleeps.


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