Puppy mill breeder dog rescued and nursed back to health from the brink of death.

It’s no secret that we shouldn’t be supporting puppy mills. They’re inhumane and unethical, but they sometimes do a good job at hiding the truth behind their operation by selling to cute pet shops or using Facebook marketplace or Craigslist.

Despite their best efforts, puppy mills are just that – mills. Profit comes before the welfare of the animals and often leads to the unnecessary and premature death of dogs.

That was a fate a sweet Cocker Spaniel named Reese was facing. She called a puppy mill home and the owner of the operation was planning to use her to breed puppies as soon as she was old enough. However, they neglected to get Reese any shots or care for her properly and she ended up becoming deathly ill.

No longer profitable, the puppy mill would’ve had the young dog euthanized, but Dr. Judd with Vet Ranch stepped in to care for her. After running some tests, they discovered that Reese was suffering from parvovirus and was on death’s door. She needed treatment and fast, but her recovery could be slow and painful if she recovered at all.

She was dehydrated and the first thing they had to do was get her on fluids. They worked tirelessly to care for her, and by the end of the week, she was acting like a whole new dog!

When Reese arrived Vet Ranch she was lethargic and ill, but after just one week of intensive care, she was eating and almost ready to start playing and being a dog again.

Eventually, her time came and was she cleared to run in the yard! It was an incredible moment and shows just how much a little love and determination can go in saving the life of an animal.

Reese found a wonderful home with a woman who has another Cocker Spaniel, so she gets to have doggy brother! Watch her recovery and transformation in the video below:


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