Rescued from a life of abandonment and malnourishment, a Pit Bull finds a second chance at life and love after being saved from a chain attached to a tree.

Bless this man for saving this pit bull and bless this couple for adopting and loving this adorable fur baby.

A bulldog tied to a tree outside an abandoned house had an interesting recovery with the help of rescuers.

Officer Nick from the Fulton County Animal Control Center in Georgia discovered the dog after receiving a call. His neck was severely cut by the chain wrapped around his neck, and he was starving. The dog immediately screamed when he saw him, so grateful was he to see someone.

His eyes were begging for help, and his tail kept wagging.

Officer Nick fed her and comforted her, then grabbed some wire cutters and rescued her.

Taking her to the shelter, the staff called in the Hell Bull to rescue Jason Pratt, the founder of “Friends of the Forsaken.”

Zoe (called Cammy by the rescuers at the time) hugged Jason as soon as she saw him.

Jason immediately took her to the vet, who treated her. The video below shows Nick coming to Zoe’s rescue and her subsequent rescue by Jason.

At the vet’s office, Zoe was so relieved and happy that she couldn’t stop licking people’s faces. She knew she was finally surrounded by “good people”.

Over the next seven months, she received nursing care, gained weight, and recovered. From the moment her new family met her, before and after the photo, she knew they wanted to give her a forever home.

Zoe has grown into a beautiful dog, and her new family said she could be a calm and docile dog. She gets along well with everyone and loves puppy daycare. It’s heartbreaking to discover the video of how she was found, knowing that she almost died abandoned, starving, and alone. But Zoe is the happiest dog now and that’s what matters.

Watch the video above to see her transformation from a poor, starving dog to the sweetest dog ever.

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