Resilient Old Dog Abandoned and Starved for Weeks Finds Hope and Healing in the Arms of a Relief Team

A stray dog suffered for three weeks before some kind strangers discovered he was there.This poor senior dog suffered in the heat for three weeks when his rescuers finally found him. He had no protection from the sun, except for a few weeds and some chain-length fence. It was a miracle he was alive.

Neighbors said they knew the dog had been there for three weeks so it’s unimaginable that no one stepped up to help before his rescuers learned of him. How he could just be passed by while he suffered is unfathomable.

The poor dog was thirsty and hungry and could not even stand up to eat. He was brought water and food, which he devoured. He cried as he ate but it seemed to be more than hunger and thirst preventing him from getting up.

His rescuers covered him with a blanket and the next day took him to the vet. The dog was in bad shape, but it was even worse than they feared. He was an old guy and had a back injury that was preventing him from walking.

But even in his physical pain, he seemed to wonder where his family was. Why had he been abandoned in his old age? Despite all this, the vet suggested they try to get him up and walking, so they began to work with the forlorn dog.

ays passed and soon he got to meet another dog and make a friend. The other dog was also hurt and that seemed to encourage the pup and give him the courage to try. If he wanted to play with his friend, he would have to stand up.

He still had great trouble, so they had him in a wheelchair and the dog proved he wanted to try. He worked to move his wheelchair and soon began to crawl. Deep down inside he still had a will to survive after all he’d been through.

It took ten months and lots of tears but miraculously, the dog did walk again! His recovery was long, but no one gave up on him. More importantly, he didn’t give up on himself. He’s a new dog now and no longer a shell of what he once was.

Thanks to the kindness of some people who cared enough to help, this sweet old dog has a new life to live full of people and other pets to love. His story is truly inspiring. We hope that you share it with your friends.


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