Reuben the Bulldog’s Adventures: From Courtrooms to Playgrounds

Reuben the Bulldog has a lot of explaining to do. His father has just finished brushing his teeth and putting lotion on his nose because it is dry, and Reuben chooses violence as retribution. Reuben knocked over an entire cup of coffee onto the floor. Reuben exclaims, “I have been framed!” His father says, “violence against coffee is a crime.” Reuben proceeds to go over to his father and hump his leg.

Exhibit A shows where the spill occurred, and when the authorities or Mom showed up, there was no spill, as it was taken care of. His father, who is playing the part of a lawyer, says that his client, Reuben, had nothing to do with the spill. The plaintiff should have secured their coffee cup; it was not Reuben’s fault. Exhibit B, the coffee cup, shows where the spill came from.

Why was the coffee cup right on the floor next to the chair? How do we even know Reuben caused the spill? His teeth were brushed right before this, and cream was applied to his nose. It was suspected that this was why retribution was sought on Reuben’s part. The lawyer again says that Reuben had nothing to do with the spill.

The lawyer wants the case dismissed. The judge makes a ruling and dismisses the case! Reuben gets justice, and the charges are dropped! Reuben thanks his lawyer by running into him and giving him a big bear hug. Dog Law is the right choice to get justice for your furry family member!


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