Seven Signs of Erling Haaland as Football’s Quirkiest Star – From Awkward Workouts with “World’s Sexiest Athlete” to Lavish £2k PJs

HE’S the unstoppable goal machine who’s often compared to The Terminator.

However, Erling Haaland is far from a robot in real life, boasting a quirky and larger-than-life personality that never fails to leave fans in stitches.

The 22-year-old Manchester City striker has notched an impressive 35 goals this season, earning him the title of the Premier League’s highest goal-scorer with five games remaining. But it’s not just his on-field prowess that sets him apart; Haaland’s off-field antics and idiosyncrasies make him a truly unique and unforgettable figure.

Known for his “dark arts” tactics, Haaland’s ungentlemanly behavior on the pitch has both amused and outraged fans. In a recent match against West Ham, he caused a stir by shouting “hit me in my balls” while standing in the wall for a free kick, earning him the label of a “madman” by some. Additionally, he delighted fans by pulling a funny face to mock Everton defender Ben Godfrey’s complaints, proving that football is more entertaining when players show their personalities.

But Haaland’s eccentricities aren’t limited to the pitch. In a Champions League clash against Bayern Munich, he was accused of “farting” on players, leaving his opponent Leon Goretzka pinching his nose while Haaland grinned mischievously. Fans jokingly referred to him as “Erling Fartland,” playfully connecting his unusual behavior with his impressive scoring record.

Off the field, Haaland’s squad banter is legendary. In a video produced by Sky Sports, he playfully revealed what he was up to while his Manchester City teammates were at the World Cup, showcasing his comedic talents. Dressing up as the club’s mascot, driving a lawnmower, and pretending to converse with his teammates’ football shirts were just a few of his entertaining antics.

Haaland’s diet is just as peculiar as his personality. He consumes large portions of freshly-butchered heart and liver, earning comparisons to the fictional cannibal Hannibal Lecter. With a daily intake of a whopping 6,000 calories, double the recommended amount for men, and a preference for cheese and ham omelettes, Haaland certainly has a unique approach to fueling his body for peak performance.

On social media, Haaland’s quirky side shines through. He shares posts about his “magic potion” (goat’s milk) and uploads photos of himself in animated scenes, from Viking depictions to Halloween-themed transformations. However, his occasional missteps, such as referring to a word search as a “crossword puzzle” on International Women’s Day, have led to good-natured mockery from fans.

In interviews, Haaland’s dry wit and unconventional responses often steal the show. From revealing his habit of sleeping with up to five footballs, which he affectionately calls his “girlfriends,” to providing brief and cryptic answers to reporters’ questions, he never fails to entertain. Sometimes, less is more with Haaland, as his minimalistic and deadpan responses have fans praising his unique sense of humor.

Beyond his amusing antics, Haaland has also developed a fascination with luxury pyjamas. His wardrobe boasts sets that can cost up to £2,450 each, and he has been spotted wearing them during flights and even while dining at high-end restaurants. His teammates find his fashion choices amusing, with one source jokingly remarking on his unusual attire.

Lastly, Haaland’s fitness routines have raised eyebrows. During his time at Borussia Dortmund, the club hired Olympic hopeful Alica Schmidt, dubbed the “Sexiest Athlete in the World,” sparking playful comments from fans about Dortmund’s strategy to retain their best players. In another instance, Ha


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