Temper Tantrum of an Epic Scale: Great Dane’s Meltdown over Late Dinner

Dogs cannot speak like humans. Nonetheless, they can convey their messages to their favorite humans intelligently. Such an incident was recently captured and has gained immense popularity among online dog lovers.

Max, a Great Dane dog, has a habit of getting his supper every day at 5pm. Unfortunately, his human parents got a bit late today. It is already 5:08pm, and Max is yet to receive his supper. But the Great Dane is not going to wait for eternity for his food.

He walks to the kitchen and barks to catch his owners’ attention. He mumbles in a typical way, as dogs do, to let his parents realize that it is way beyond Max’s supper time. Max’s dad understands what the dog is trying to tell him, but his mom wants to verify whether it is indeed Max’s supper time.

She checks the time on the oven and realizes it is already 5:08pm. Max’s dad points out his chicken meal on the kitchen counter. But the Great Dane is too polite to stand up and eat his dinner from the counter. So, he waits for his dad to serve him his meal.

Max’s dad places some chicken pieces on the counter for Max. However, the gentle giant is unable to take the pieces in his mouth. This prompts his dad to offer him one piece at a time. But he asks the dog to give him a high-five before he can get his chicken pieces.

Max happily gives his favorite human high-fives so that he can get chicken pieces in return. However, Max would look expectantly at him whenever his dad put his hand inside the boxful of chicken pieces.

Dogs may not speak like humans, but they can communicate with us uniquely. They show us how much they love us through their actions, and everyone should reciprocate that love by caring for them and treating them like family.


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