The devastated mother dog implores for help in rescuing her ailing puppy and prolonging its life.

Moms’ love has no limits as they do whatever it takes to keep their kids protected and cared. So, when Animals Aid Unlimited saw this mother dog, she was so unfortunate as her baby was laying on the edge of death.

The puppy was in coma, so, the rescuers directly rushed him to the hospital to medicate him.

He was given IV drips to stabilize, and treated for his life-threatening hypothermia! His puncture wounds were dressed, and fortunately, he had no cracks. Thankfully, the next morning he awoke from the coma!

The puppy, who was named Snuggler, began to improve by days. He even began eating by himself after one week! The very best thing was when he reunited with his mother and brother or sisters! The reunion was heartwarming! How adorable!.


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