The Gentle Giant: Meet the 85-Pound Malamute Who Loves to Give Bear Hugs

Brian Hanshaft’s 85-pound furry friend, Hugo (Malamute), loves to give him hugs. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming for him, as Hugo is very enthusiastic and assertive. He often sends Brian crashing to the ground while giving him hugs. The caring owner likes to joke that teaching Hugo how to hug was a bit of a backfire, but he loves every bit of it!

When Hugo was just a tiny puppy of 8 or 9 weeks old, Brian taught him how to give hugs. The little pup was just so gentle and adorable at that time! But as Hugo grew up, he became bigger and started doing these running jumps whenever he hugged Brian. Of course, whenever he did these jumps, Hugo made sure to tuck his paws in.

The Malamute has faced his own medical challenges too. As a puppy, he became partially blind in his right eye and had difficulty with heights. However, Brian and his wife were always there to support their furry friend. Brian even used his back as a step tool to climb from the bed.

But things became challenging when Hugo started showing some behavioral issues. He would growl at Brian and his wife and didn’t enjoy car rides because most of the time, they went to the vet for his checkup. Doctors then diagnosed him with a liver shunt and suggested a costly surgery.

However, Brian and his wife refused to give up on their furry friend and reached out to their online friends and followers for help. And the response they received was overwhelming! In just 30 hours, they were able to raise funds needed for Hugo’s surgery.

After the surgery, Hugo started behaving like an average dog, becoming more responsive and relaxed each day. First, however, they needed to find the right trainer to help Hugo deal with his behavioral issues. Meredith helped Brian and his wife understand how to help Hugo, and since then, their relationship has only gotten stronger.

Brian and Hugo share a bond that’s hard to put into words, and they, indeed, are each other’s best friends. With Hugo’s loving hugs and playful nature, every day is an adventure filled with joy and happiness. Brian is grateful for Hugo, who has taught him what it truly means to love unconditionally.


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