The only surviving pup of her litter, a small and feeble dog, was discovered alone and struggling on the road.

A little dog was discovered on the streets in desperate need of assistance. The poor girl was dehydrated and parasite-infested while suffering from mange and tick bite fever.

Fortunately, she would be saved via an outreach program and brought in by Sidewalk Specials to receive the treatment she need.

As the last puppy living in her litter, she needed a miracle to avoid dying like the rest.

For the first time in her life, the dog was carried to the hospital for treatment, where she was surrounded by affection and kind people.

Twiglet now has a loving mother and father who are teaching her how to be a pet in her wonderful new home!

The pup is having a good time and is grateful that she will never be alone in the world again.

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