Two Pitbulls, who were rescued together, were reunited after being separated for a year.

Rachel, a rescuer from Sidewalks Specials rescue center in South Africa, found two skinny-looking Pitbulls living under a table. They were trapped in there with no food and water.

Rachel asked her team to throw food at the dogs to see if they were friendly. After eating the food, the two dogs hid under their table and were scared of the humans around them.

The rescue team decided to feed them. However, when the Pitbulls saw food, they behaved abnormally. This is entirely understandable as they were starving. Soon, they ran out of food, making Rachel wonder how to rescue the dogs.

To her surprise, the dogs were friendly and showed great trust to these complete strangers. They came along with them without any fight. Unfortunately, the two of them were separated at the foster care because the behaviorist advised that going to the same home would not be a good idea.

The brown-white shaded Pitbull, Tilana, instantly adjusted to her new home. During this time, she went through her leg amputation and was made to lay down all day. First, however, Tilana would roll around in the grass or run around in the field with kids on three legs. She was living with kids and was absolutely thriving.

But with Buster, the dark brown Pitbull, it took around 6 months to find him a home. Finally, one of the volunteers at the rescue took him through and spent six hours doing the introduction carefully. Buster now has two maintenance sisters and lives like a big fat happy toad.

The families of Tilana & Buster soon realized that it was almost a year since they had rescued the two Pitbulls. But, they wanted to make the day memorable for them. So, the families decided to meet each other with their dogs. The dogs were thrilled as if they were never apart. It was a lovely celebration and a very happy reunion.


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