Weak Dog with Swollen Face Refuses to Let Anyone Touch Her Body in Park

Vida was discovered roaming in an abandoned park with a very pitiful look. Her face was bloated, and she had worn a chain around her neck since she was a baby. Then, as she grew, the chain made more and more, forcing her to become this awful.

Everything in this case was shocking, inexplicable, and very heartbreaking. She never let anybody touch her body, always ducking and fleeing. It took everything of his loving words and deeds to make her trust, but he eventually got Vida to the clinic.

Could she give birth in this ironic situation? Where had her children gone? Perhaps they were not strong enough to survive life’s trials.

Complete exams and records to see her general condition and all show worse condition inside than outside. She had anemia, a significant leukemic infection, low blood pressure, anaphylaxis, and a critically damaged artery in her neck.

In the immediate future, she would need to remove the skin tissue around the neck area, receive antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers and other medications to treat the swelling in her face.

It was pleased to announce that Vida was in her final month of recovery, exactly 30 days from then she would be fully recovered and ready to start a new life. She had been through so much that meeting her would be a miracle, and I knew she would be happy in a family environment.

“I was meticulously arranging everything to make my princess feel at ease. I instantly remembered the entire trip since Vida was saved, and the sensation was inexplicable: the mending from body to heart had helped Vida become stronger and more flawless.”

“Expressing emotions, confident, healthy steps, that’s what she was doing. Starting now, I would teach Vida what a genuine life was like. Her first reward was a picnic full with new experiences.”


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