Woman’s Wish for Grandchild Fulfilled with Loving Staffy Surprise

Sometimes you think you want something, but then life gives you something else even better. Such was the case with Einstein the Staffy. Frida had wanted a grandchild, but she got a Staffy.

Einstein is the apple of Frida’s eye. He gets belly rubs and pets because he is a special boy. During Christmas, her family was over for dinner, and Einstein looked so cute sitting at the table like an adorable little person. He is the family’s official grandchild, reveling in all the attention.

Frida initially did not want a Staffy because she thought they were too aggressive. However, when Einstein came along, she quickly changed her mind. Einstein is a good boy who did not cry on his first car ride home. He just laid comfortably in the crate and sweetly behaved. He does, however, require constant attention.

Einstein loves to sit at the dinner table and does not like it when he is not invited. He is the type of dog that wants to be around his humans all the time. Einstein also gets home training. His family put a camera on him to see if he would misbehave when they were not around, and Einstein was intuitive enough to realize he was being filmed!

He would look at the camera with a guilty look on his face. However, he certainly is happy when his family comes home. He loves to jump on his humans and kiss and love them. When Einstein smiles, the room instantly lights up. He is the cutest Staffy ever.


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