Zoomies and Swimming: Great Dane and Pointer Dog Share Their Love for Fun and Friendship

Maddie, the Great Dane, is having a blast swimming with her pal Boone and doing zoomies all over the place. Ellie watches contentedly, pouncing and bouncing from a distance, as the two pups are very entertaining. Maddie shows off her swimming skills, saying, “Look at what I can do! I am talented.” She deserves treats for being such a good little swimmer.

Maddie loves to splash and play. Boone is just zooming around everywhere, and Maddie looks at him like, “Crazy pup!” Maddie joins in the fun and starts zooming around with Boone. Together, they are two spirited pups with tons of energy to burn off. They love their zoomies! Everyone is just watching these dogs run around and play. The pups cannot be tamed! They zoom back and forth non-stop, which is so funny to watch.

Then, Maddie suddenly jumps in the pool to show off some more and says, “Look at me, Boone! I can splash all day! Come on, Boone! Let’s go swimming!” The two of them are having so much fun together! Ellie cheers them on from the sidelines! Boone and Ellie are having a pawriffic time! It is so wonderful to watch the dogs play together so well. Seeing Maddie invite Boone into the pool for a swim is the cutest thing ever!

Watch this video if you love to see cute dogs playing together and having a good time because there is no such thing as too much fun!


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